How You Save


The Sears Connect ComparAction comparison service summarizes your long distance calls.

With a simple statement Sears Connect ComparAction calculates, compares and selects the lowest cost plan from three popular long distance plans offered by Rogers, Primus and your Provincial Phone Company. And you can also replace one of the plans with your own or a similar one!


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How it works

Sears Connect compares 3 long distance plans from the largest telecom providers in Canada

  • NUsually this will include your provincial telephone company, Rogers and Primus
  • NBased on your calling patterns we select the lowest cost plan for you every month, saving you hundreds of dollars every year!

Basically, you make your Long Distance calls, we rate them for you, and ensure that you ALWAYS pay the LOWEST cost from the comparable plans. Plus you will earn 5X the Sears ClubTM Points*


In addition to the long distance savings, you can take advantage of:


  • NNo fees in the months you do not make any calls – that’s right. If you don’t make any long distance calls in a given month, then you don’t pay anything. You will only get charged for the months you actually make long distance calls.
  • NFast and friendly Canadian customer service;
  • N24/7 access to your statement online.